Welcome to the Palexia information website

For patients prescribed Palexia PR (tapentadol prolonged release) for severe chronic pain and Palexia IR (tapentadol immediate release) for moderate to severe acute pain.1,2

Developed by Grünenthal, this website is a growing resource of information where you can learn more about your treatment and your condition.

This website contains relevant information and support resources around Palexia PR (for severe chronic pain) and Palexia IR (for moderate to severe acute pain). Make sure you explore the section that is most relevant to you. It will help you to understand more about your pain medication, how it works and what you should expect from your treatment.

However, your treatment should always be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist and this website is not a replacement for the patient information leaflet (PIL) or your doctor/patient relationship.


Moderate to severe acute pain

This website is intended for patients prescribed with Palexia PR or Palexia IR.